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ROLL CALL - the scroll

Press Photo

An artwork, a paper scroll (18.30m long by 1.53m high) created to vindicate the lives that were destroyed during the many centuries of the European Witch Persecutions. From the 1100s to the 1700s Europeans engaged in a systematic and furious assault on men, women, and even children believed to be witches. ROLL CALL is a symbolic restoration of the integrity of their bodies — no longer broken and burned — but whole.

The scroll and the essay, THE WITCH HUNTS & THE SCROLL, can be viewed in their entirety at

The scroll is accompanied by other works that pay homage to modern, feminist voices — dissident voices — that dared critique and speak up/out on issues of religion, women, and body, free from fear of being burned for their views.

This exhibition opens at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery on March 6, 2013. It travels from there to The Association of Arts Gallery in Pretoria, and to the White River Art gallery at Casterbridge, as well as to places not yet known...

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