Majak Bredell Alter Images II | | Art in South Africa
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Alter Images II

While I lived in New York from 1981 to 2004, my longing for Africa often imaged the continent in the form a great dark mother. The mother’s body is the first landscape a newborn sees, so Africa with her mighty mountains, rivers, and grassy savannas, is the mother of my inner landscape. This African mother, along with her sisters, the black madonnas of Europe, with their deep European and ancient Middle Eastern roots, inform my work of unearthing/resurrecting/transforming a creative image of Mother, Woman, Sacred Earth. I add another dimension to the church’s contrivance of the madonna darkened by candle smoke or fire, by including for vindication those goddesses and biblical figures who have historically had their names blackened/darkened by misogynistic fears of powerful or willful women.

I apply the overarching title of Post-Christian Alter Images to this work — deliberately and simultaneously marking the notion of other alternatives (alter) and a site of worship (altar).

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