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Welcome to Bongism 2013 | Art Afrique Sandton

Welcome to Bongism is a solo exhibition tracing the evolution and transformation of the artist Bongi Bengu. “Bongism” is a way of thinking, a philosophy with the purpose of helping transform people and encouraging them to discover who they are.

There are six elements of Bongism: healing through visual art, healing through dance and movement, documenting and researching the visual arts, teaching art to schoolchildren (this process imparts the knowledge and skills to understand and appreciate art as a form of communication) and curating exhibitions (hosting of diverse social or topical issues through active facilitation and curatorship).

“Bongism” will be reflected in the form of an art exhibition. The artworks will take the audience (art lovers, collectors and critics) on a journey of transformation. Tracing the artist’s growth from early charcoal and pastel drawings up to the more recent semi-abstract, mixed media works. Bongi Bengu’s work has been virtually absent from the art scene for the past four years and this exhibition will serve as a re-launch into the Art World.

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