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Being a creative in the new normal
E-book collaboration initiated by Thea van Schalkwyk

Eight dynamic creatives share their experiences and activities during lockdown and how they visualize starting afresh – on the proverbial blank canvas. A collaboration initiated by Thea van Schalkwyk

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Kaya FM: Bongi Bengu

Bongi Bengu interviewed by Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon on Vuka Africa
Africa News Network (ANN7)

Discover who you are through art
by Gugu Zwane
Look Local September 2013

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Bongism is a solo art exhibition tracing the evolution and transformation of a talented artist, Bongi Bengu. Her work deals with healing through visual art, dance and movement, documenting and researching the visual arts, teaching art to school children and curating exhibitions. She wants to transform people's thinking through her art and help them discover who they are.

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Bongi Bengu unmasked
Entertainment Africa, November 2008

South Africa is overflowing with talented individuals - musicians, actors, writers, artists and dancers and the media has been actively trying to promote each of these artistic talents. For some reason, however, art is still one of the most neglected of the lot with exhibitions often only attended by an elite few. Since we love all things that move the soul we decided to find out more about one of our country’s great artists, Bongi Bengu.

Her work has been described as a social commentary about her life as a black/African woman, and a black woman artist. In an industry where success is pretty hard to come by, Bengu has managed to make a name for herself through her work which has led to her winning several awards and mounting her own exhibitions.

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Bongi Bengu and Collen Maswanganyi at Kizo Gallery
by Carol Brown
Artthrob Issue No. 128, April 2008

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Well established painter Bongi Bengu shares her first outing in KwaZulu-Natal, province of her birth, with sculptor Collen Maswanganyi who hails from Giyani in Limpopo. Despite the immediate differences in their work, the two evidence a shared interest in their commentary on contemporary life.

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