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Finding joy in the alchemical process of transmuting matter of all kinds, I love to explore the common link that humans share with every object and organism, that which we create, use, occupy, consume, destroy or re-deploy.

Discovering the texture, transient form and composition of materials, especially the combination of the translucent and opaque nature of things, I try to fossilise the interconnectedness of all things, be they organic or inanimate.

I enjoy witnessing the different life phases of things in their various stages of existence; ie. from alive to decomposing, from thriving to wasting away and vice versa, from being free to being prepared for consumption, from being created to being discarded and from being discarded to being re-created or reconstructed through man or nature.

A transformation of matter is explored in the creative process, often through the multi-layering of objects or images, mixing transparency with opacity and composed forms with decomposing matter.

It’s like a dance between life and death, here and there, was and was not.

Through observation, I try to understand the relative relevance of things.

Using a mixture of matter such as discarded objects, perishable or inert waste material, photographic imagery, organic refuse, mulch, concrete, resin, glass, ceramics, natural pigment, oils or acrylics, blood, plastic, decomposing matter, ink, and light, their nature is observed and transmuted to something else through art.

A witness to the value-chain of people and things, different meanings are derived for different times in the lifespan of the roles, uses and illusory constitutions of subjects and objects.

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