Sandi Kuper Surveillance Series | | Art in South Africa
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Surveillance Series

This body of etchings hints at surveillance using close observation of specific landscapes. I have portrayed a number of imagined landscapes, some are composites of a few existing areas within South Africa. The result is a fictitious place sometimes of peace in some works and in other works a place of unrest and tension.

Although the majority of work has a gentleness, is easy on the eye and has a subtlety of colour, there are some works that suggest underlying tension and an unsettling angst. These opposite view points oppose, contrast and compliment each other.

The viewer is drawn in to decode the work via the titling which gives strength to each piece and the use of repetition within a mountainous landscape as well as within a grid-like structure portrays persistence and perseverance.

Some are aerial views and show an even an even higher up perspective as though looking down from an atmospheric level.

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