Lynette Ten Krooden Delicate Balance 2017 | | Art in South Africa
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AFRICA - Unlimited Space of the Fossil Hunters 2012 | Association of Arts Pretoria

AFRICA - unlimited space and fossil hunters

An exhibition of mixed media paintings by Lynette ten Krooden

Lynette ten Krooden is one of our most well-known and dearest artists. Her works tell of a life-long passion and search for the metaphysical attributes of landscapes.

Leitmotive for her coming exhibition, are the words of Richard E Leakey: "Here is the Africa of unlimited space, of tranquility and of great beauty."

In her works she pursues those themes she explored for the past 30 years. Wide spaces, rock formations and vistas, deserts and night skies sprinkled with millions of stars, the markings left by old civilizations of their rituals and also fossils captured in layers of sediment - all witnesses of by-gone times. She combines her small monotone works with sand from the Kalahari, the Limpopo valley and beaches along our sea coasts, as well as bits of painted ostrich shells, pieces of lost vases and flasks and gold leave fragments.

Lynette's works carry a message of her deep love for Africa and are sure to touch the sensitivities of viewers.

(Courtesy of Association of Arts Pretoria)

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