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About The Artist

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Artist Biography

Loeritha Saayman is a mixed media artist who studied fine arts at UNISA. She was born and grew up in the Mpumulanga area. Inspiration to pursue a career in art came with her visits to art museums and galleries all over the world. She had the opportunity to experience international art history and contemporary art at first hand while she worked as a flight attendant for nine years.

On completion of her degree in 1999, she opened the Brooklyn Fine Art Studio in Pretoria. With her ever-increasing involvement in group exhibitions and commissions, the art classes had to make way for more creative time needed to fulfill this pursuit. Loeritha took part in several art competitions and group exhibitions over the last eight years and had her first solo exhibition in 2003. Today she has art works in the permanent collection of the Pretoria Art Museum, Polokwane Art Museum and numerous private collections.

The unknown outcome of experimentation has always been a challenge for Loeritha and most works are done in mixed media where she combines traditional oil painting and drawing with contemporary digital processes. On the contrary, she still believes in the traditional mediums of painting and drawing and the uniqueness of a mark that is made by an individual. She often works with mundane objects, either placed in ambiguous settings or juxtaposed with other non-relevant objects.

Works are planned along a specific concept or theme and she uses the title of the work as a clue to the viewer who has to decode the work through symbols and metaphors.

Artist CV


  • COMPANY: Brooklyn Fine Art Studio
  • POSITION: Proprietor, Freelance artist and Art teacher in drawing & painting

Tertiary Education

  • INSTITUTION: University of South Africa
  • COURSE: BA Degree in Fine Arts
  • YEAR OF STUDY: 1993 – 1999

Recent Art Exhibitions & Competitions

  • Flowing Ground and Other Variables (solo), October 2015, Association of Arts Pretoria
  • >> FFWD << REW, Mixed Times (solo), 2 June 2004, Association of Arts Pretoria
  • Oerdier en sy omgewing (solo), 24 July 2005, Association of Arts Pretoria
  • CatPals Art Auction, 16 September 2005, Association of Arts Pretoria
  • Feet (group exhibition), 27 October 2005, Secret gallery, Villeria Pretoria
  • Brooklyn Fine Arts Studio (group exhibition), 5 December 2005, Brooklyn Pretoria
  • Members Exhibition, 10 February 2006, Association of Arts Pretoria
  • CatPals Art Auction, 23 September 2006, Association of Arts, Pretoria
  • Lilly Oncology on Canvas, 31 October 2006, Royal Collage of Art, London
  • Juxtaposed, 2 November 2006, Alette Wessels Kunskamer, Pretoria
  • Members Exhibition, 11 February 2007, Association of Art, Pretoria
  • Saint Sebastian (group exhibition), April 2007, Association of Art, Pretoria
  • Structures with Stories, 6 May 2007, Association of Art, Pretoria
  • Reach for a Dream (group exhibition), 1 August 2007, Art & Culture Museum, Pretoria
  • The Art of Whiskey (group exhibition), 9 November 2007, Convention Centre, Sandton & Cape Town
  • Wrapped (group exhibition), 1 December 2007, Magpie gallery, Centurion
  • Members Exhibition (group exhibition), 20 January 2008, Association of Art, Pretoria
  • Permanent Collections

    • Pretoria Art Museum
    • Polokwane Art Museum
    • Various Private collections

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