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Title: Melancholic Personality compared to red stars
Medium: Glass, glass paint, mirror & wood
Year: 2008

I compared people with melancholic personality types to red stars. Red stars are the smallest stars with the least amount of energy and in my view, they characterize people with melancholic personality types, who shy away from the lime-light and tend to be depressives and highly creative. Each plate’s pattern is according to the characteristics of a person with a melancholic personality type: analytical and perfectionist, introspective and indecisive, and lastly creative.

A circle was my selected shape because a circle reflects on itself- so too are melancholic people wired to reflect and analyze themselves and their surroundings. Reflections in the glass and mirrors symbolizes how the viewer’s presence has influence over people whether they are aware of it consciously or unconsciously. A star is like a reflection of its past. The light that we see has travelled millions of light years before reaching our naked eye.

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