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Stella Artois unveils together apart mural at Nelson Mandela Square
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Stella Artois unveils together apart mural at Nelson Mandela Square

Posted on 14 September 2020

Keeping social distance doesn't have to be anti-social. Stella Artois shows us how...

Stella Artois, one of SA's best loved premium beers, just unveiled an innovative piece of art that's as functional as it is fine to look at and fun to interact with.

Laid over much of the floor space in the open-air piazza at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, the floor mural features an illustration of a woman raising her a chalice as she greets guests and invites us to a vibrant and safe get-together. The differently-sized circles that form part of the piece are not just aesthetically pleasing however - they're all appropriately socially distanced from one another too.

Lauren Mitchell at work on the mural

Adapted from a Stella Artois global campaign, the artwork was localised by South African illustrator, Lauren Mitchell. Measuring 21m x 38m in size, the mural offers a colourful and welcome respite from the usual red masking tape and foreboding dark circles most other retail spaces stick on the floor to enforce social distancing.

Entitled, "Together Apart in the Life Artois", AB InBev's High End Brand Director for Africa, Marsha Kumire, elaborates on the thinking behind the piece:

"Our hope is that the mural will encourage people to still savour life's beautiful moments together, whilst following the social distancing guidelines that must become the new norm for the next while at least. We chose Nelson Mandela Square's piazza for the location as it's an iconic space that has always sought to bring people together... and now still can."

If you're in Gauteng, be sure to head over to Nelson Mandela Square during the next month to see the artwork for yourself, take a few pics, and celebrate that whilst we may need to stand a little apart, we're still all in this together.

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