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Upcoming Auction | Happy People & Radio Pulpit

Happy People Entertainment and Development Foundation Reg. No. 154786NPO (Happy People) has partnered with a team of Artists from around the world, who have agreed to assist in raising funds towards the cause. Artworks will be showcased from, 30 November to 13 December 2020. The proceeds will be shared equally on a fifty-fifty basis, between the Artists and the NPO.
The theme of the artworks is in-line with the organizations mandate, which is to offer positive (smiles, peace, love, happiness) fun-filled, uplifting and inspirational events of premium quality that serve as an escape haven from our daily pressures. This is done through Multi-Disciplinary Art forms, clean fun, EQ Workshops and Wellness programs. So brace yourselves and prepare to get a good dose of feel good chemical release: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins to be depicted on various Art & Crafts - from paintings, crafts, ceramics, sculptures to beadwork which you may take back to your home, living room, kitchen, office, boardroom, or simply gift a friend or family member as we approach December - the season of giving!
The Artists who will be showcasing include the likes of; Jewellery designer and Tsogo Sun 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, Nqobile Nkosi; Patti Blueh, a South African visual artists based in Ghana; Michael Unga Ekandji, a fine artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo currently residing in South Africa as a refugee. Innocent Manjengenja, a stone sculptor who finds the inspiration for his work from the ancient Shona cultural sculpture from Zimbabwe. Paris based Casimir Balibié Bationo (CasziB) a contemporary painter born in Adjamé (Ivory Coast), originated from the Lélé tribe from the Nortrh-West of Burkina Faso. We also have bead designer, Busi Mahali from Gugulethu, Cape Town. Latifat Obanigba, a British Nigerian contemporary artists based in London to name but a few...
The cause is in light of the social ills that we have been faced with over the years; specifically the spate of violence related to the bullying behavioral patterns at schools, and now further exacerbated by the impact of Covid-19. Happy People is currently embarking on an outreach program aimed at improving the wellbeing of the schooling environment by assisting to make schools happier, peaceful and conducive for both learners and educators through an outreach program entitled, Happy People Taking Smiles to Schools. It is scheduled to kick-start on, 4 March 2021.
Happy People is an entertainment and development organization which offers clean and inspirational entertainment through multi-disciplinary art forms, sport and EQ-training (emotional intelligence). The visions is aimed to instil a more positive, inspirational and uplifting spirit to all, especially the youth. This Johannesburg based, black female lead entity has over the past few years developed successful youth activities to remedy social ills such as substance abuse, peer pressure and teenage pregnancy; while also discovering, nurturing and launching raw talent. It attracts an audience of all age groups across all races.
Radio Pulpit is Your Daily Companion that brings you not only the current Word of God but also perspective and insight into all aspects of life. We provide all the inspiration you need to make it through each day. Our programmes help restore family values, equip the leaders of tomorrow and build a moral nation. We address current and relevant issues with a biblical perspective. Radio Pulpit is Your Daily Companion for news, music, lifestyle and business matters, all based on the Word of God. Our shows include experts in every field to guide listeners on their life’s journey. Along with Radio Cape Pulpit, and the I Am Youth Movement we form part of the Pulpit Media Group. Radio Pulpit’s first broadcast was on 5 August 1981.
For more information, email info@happypeople.co.za


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