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About The Artist

Artist Photo

(1945 - 2009)

Artist Biography

Marcella de Boom (1945-2009) was a South African artist who preferred media was acrylic and watercolour. She grew up in Pretoria and graduated with a BA Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria. Her works have been exhibited in countless solo and group exhibitions in South Africa, Namibia, Germany and Canada. She spent her time in Cullinan, where she lived in a cobhouse-cum-art gallery that she herself had built and that took a year to finish.

"I look upon my watercolours as poems – smaller work (landscapes or nudes) done quickly on the spot. The acrylics are like novels – bigger, worked on for a longer period of time, layered. Here I usually explore a poetic or mythological theme." She often listened to Bach every morning "to purify the soul".

In her work, she tries to tie the mythological-poetic with reality. The narrative of a painting is as important to her as the visual. She sees every painting as a search for the truth as well as a creation of beauty.

Artist CV

  • Born 1945 in Pretoria.
  • Took art classes with Ines Aab-Tamsen from 11 years old.
  • Participated in exchange student programme in Ithaca, USA, under Norman Daly.
  • Studied BA Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria from 1963 - 1966 with Gunther van der Reis as a mentor.
  • Exhibition various solo exhibitions over 25 years throughout South Africa (Durban, Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Windhoek).
  • Exhibitions in Germany in 1994 (Norden) and 1996 (Hanover).
  • Solo Exhibition, Times of Light, at Association of Arts Pretoria in 2005, inspired by the artist's self-built earth house in Cullinan, with its handmade glass windows, ceramics and raw textures.
  • Lived in Cullinan in a clay house converted into an art gallery, Aldebran Studio.
  • Her last exhibition was in May 2009 at her gallery in Cullinan.
  • Died of a heart attack on 23 August 2009.
  • A retrospective of her work was held in Australia in 2013.