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Zuanda Badenhorst obtained the M Tech: Performing Arts Technology (Cum Laude) in 2006 with the title of the dissertation: South African Puppetry for the Theatre since 1975 from the Tshwane University of Technology. She initially obtained the BA Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria in 1970 and the Post Graduate Diploma: THED in 1971 from the Pretoria Teacher’s Training College.

Zuanda Badenhorst retired after a lifetime of lecturing at different Tertiary Institutions and as Head of the Department Entertainment Technology at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) at the end of 2008.

Currently she is still involved as external examiner at TUT. During 2009 she lectured Theatre Design part-time at the Drama Department of the University of Pretoria and currently serves as external examiner. During 2011 various workshops were conducted for the UNISA-Chance to Advance Programme. Her time is mainly dedicated to pursue her passion for painting as well as privately lecturing drawing and painting at her studios in Pretoria and Jeffrey’s Bay.

Zuanda Badenhorst served on various Committees for the Arts Faculty and TUT as well as on professional bodies. She is a member of the Pretoria Association of Arts and serves on the board (2002 – current). She served on the Kanna panel for the KKNK 2010 as well as the Fiesta panel for KYKNet 2011.

The artist exhibited in Group and One Man exhibitions since 1975. Zuanda Badenhorst’ current work is her interpretation of landscape metaphors. Her work in mixed media is typified by strong lines and rhythmic qualities, portraying flotsam entangled landscapes. The calligraphic use of line as well as the expressive quality of watercolour brush strokes is utilized to convey entangled floatage flotsam, scum and driftwood. This refers to matter coming to or floating on the surface. The conservation of South Africa’s natural resources and the environment is of the essence.

Other metaphors referring to a lifetime spent in the theatre and an interest in puppetry also represents itself. To intensify and strongly represent these elements the original multi-media work is blown-up, in some of the work, using photographic technology to magnify and overstate the “flotsam”. The work in acrylic paint on canvas deals with South African landscape images intermingled with elements from the artist’s daily life, remembrances, cultural inheritance including some favourite household objects.

Artist CV


  • 2006 M. TECH: Performing Arts Technology at Tshwane University of Technology
    Title of dissertation: South African Puppetry for the Theatre since 1975.
  • 1970 BA (Fine Arts) at University of Pretoria
    SUBJECTS: Painting IV, Drawing III, History of Art IV, Afrikaans Netherlands Culture History III
    4th year level – equivalent to Honours
  • 1971 Post Graduate Diploma: T. H. E. D at Pretoria Teachers’ Training College
    SUBJECTS Methodology of Art and Afrikaans
    Working on a proposal for a Doctorate in Technology


  • PRESENT EMPLOYER Tshwane University of Technology (Previously known as Technikon Pretoria)
  • Head of Department Entertainment Technology
  • April 1983 – current – Since 1994 Head of Department
  • Lecturing Properties and History of Costumes up to B.Tech Level
  • Co-study Leader: M.Tech students
  • Coordinator for the “Heritage Day” Secunda for the Mpumalanga Province 1998
  • Coordinator for the Grand Finale Day: Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum (1 August 1999)
  • Coordinator for Exchange Agreement between Ohio State University – exchange of Professor Dan Gray – Designer and guest lecturer for “the Crucible” – July 2005
  • Study Leader for 1st D.Tech Performing Arts – Title “Occupational Safety Legislation for the Entertainment Industry” – A Proposal (awarded 2000)

Served on the Following Committees for the Arts Faculty and Tshwane University of Technology

  • Faculty Board (1990 – 2006)
  • Annual Art Show Committee (1998 – 2000)
  • Committee for Equal Work Opportunities (1999 – 2002)
  • Committee for Study Guide Evaluation (1999 – 2000)
  • Outcomes-Based Education Project for 2000 – “Study Guides” (Project Leader) (2000 -2001)
  • Committee for International Task Force (2000)
  • Technikon Monitoring Committee (1999 – 2000)

Exhibited as an Artist in Group and One Man Exhibitions since 1975. At present exhibiting in Belgium at various venues through VAKBEL

Professional Bodies

  • Member of the S. A. I. T. T. (South African Institute for Theatre Technology) (Served on the Advisory Committee (1995 – 1998) – Institute disband on 1998)
  • Member of the T. P. S. A (2000 - current) Technical Production Services Association
  • Chairman and Founder – UNIMA South Africa – Gauteng – Pretoria Branch (2001 – current)
  • Member of the Association of Arts – Pretoria. Serve on the Board (2002 – current)
  • SGB – Event and Production Services
  • Member of the Friends of the Pretoria Art Museum and serves on the Board (2004 – current)


  • Rector’s Laurel Award for Community Projects “Child Abuse” (2000)
  • Rector’s Laurel Award for Telematic Education Lecturer of the year (nominated) 2001


  • The educational use of video – conferencing in the arts faculty: Shedding a new light on Puppetry Co-author – Mandy Axmann – article accepted for publication in 2002 – British Journal of Educational Technology
  • The puppet Book – compiled for the National Puppet Exhibition – 7 to 29 October 2003

Seminars/ Papers delivered

  • ICTE AFRICA 2002 – Learning in the Digital World: A treacherous Road to Flexible Learning? Potchefstroom (April 2002) – Presented a paper
  • IFTR - International Federation of Theatre Research – Stellenbosch, 9-14 July, 2007.
  • Paper: The influence of African themes and forms on the work of the Handspring Puppet Company.
  • AENES – Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Society: Dress in Ancient Egypt. University of Pretoria, 15 August, 2007.

Video Conferencing: Organized and chaired by Zuanda Badenhorst

  • 2000 – Pretoria – Cape Town with the Handspring Puppet Company, lecturers, puppeteers and students for South Africa. This was the first video conference hosted by the Arts Faculty
  • 2001 – Pretoria – Brussels with the Handspring Puppet Company and lecturers, puppeteers and students from South Africa
  • 2002 – Pretoria – Rome with the Handspring Puppet Company and Melbourne with puppeteer Gary Friedman, lecturers, students and puppeteers from S.A
  • 2003 – Pretoria – Cape Town with Hansie Visagie – Puppeteer and Head Arts Department, City Varsity, Chairperson UNIMA, South Africa, puppeteers, students and lecturers



  • 12-09-1975 Lecturer’s Exhibition: Potchefstroom University for C.H.E
  • 14-11-1976 SA Art Association – Western Transvaal with M Höll
  • 04-09-1979 SA Art Association – Western Transvaal (Group Exhibition)
  • 15-03-1982 Beuster – Skolimowski Gallery Pretoria (Group Exhibition)
  • 16-09-1982 “Junior Rapportryers” – Verwoerdburg City Council – (Group Exhibition)
  • 12-09-1983 SA Arts Association – Western Transvaal – Potchefstoom with M. Höll
  • 26-09-1983 Beuster – Skolimowski Gallery – Pretoria, with potter Lesley-Ann Hoets
  • 11-06-1984 Beuster Link Holiday Inn Pretoria – One-man exhibition
  • 11-05-1986 Beuster – Skolimowski Gallery Pretoria
  • 05-07-1987 SA Art Association – Potchefstroom
  • 07-08-1987 SA Art Association – Lichtenburg
  • 03-11-1987 SA Art Association – Potchefstroom
  • 11-05-1989 Beuster – Skolimowski Gallery with Rika Meijer
  • 27-11-1989 Rentmeester Gallery, Centurion
  • 07-12-1989 U.P – Ou Lettere Gebou, Pretoria
  • 23-03-1990 Beuster – Skolimowski Gallery, Pretoria
  • 22-04-1990 Beuster – Skolimowski Gallery with Hardus Koekemoer
  • 01-07-1990 Bereapark Club, Pretoria
  • 15-09-1990 Bereapark Club, Pretoria
  • 03-12-1990 Rentmeester Gallery, Centurion
  • 1991 / 1992 International Miniature Art Exhibition, Toronto Canada
  • 04-11-1993 Pretoria Boys High Rissik Gallery – Group Exhibition
  • 1994 A Bank Art Collection (8 works)
  • September 1994 Gallery 10 – Pretoria – Group Exhibition
  • 12-16/02/1995 Schweickerdt Art Gallery – Lecturers and students – Art Faculty, Technikon Pretoria
  • May 1995 Mmbatho – Cultural Centre – Arts Faculty
  • October 1995 Brussels, Belguim – Lecturers – Department Entertainment Technology – Arts Faculty – Technikon Pretoria
  • 09-03-1996 Ede, Netherlands – Exhibition of 4 South African Artists
  • 17-03-1996 Mechelen – Belguim – Exhibition of 4 South African Artists
  • 21/03 -15/04 1996 Graspoort at Mechelen Belguim with Hardus Koekemoer
  • 1997 – 2005 ABSA Bank Art Collection (Purchase of various paintings) – on going project
  • 1997 – 2000 Group Exhibition – Touring Belgium – South African Artists
  • 1999 ABSA Bank Art Collection – Purchase 11 paintings
  • October 1999 State Theatre Art Gallery, Pretoria – Women in Art “Femina – 1999”
  • November 1999 State Theatre Art Gallery, Pretoria – Miniature Art Works
  • 2000 ABSA Bank Art Collection
  • April 2000 Michigan State University: Group Exhibition – Lecturers Art Faculty, Technikon Pretoria
  • 02 – 14/12/2000 Association of Arts, Pretoria: Christmas Exhibition 2000
  • May 2001 ABSA Bank – Permanent Art Collection – 5 works
  • 01 – 19/7/2001 Association of Arts, Pretoria: “Equus” The horse as symbol – group exhibition
  • November 2001 Association of Arts, Pretoria, Christmas exhibition – painted ceramic group
  • 2001 ABSA Towers, ABSA Bank, Johannesburg. Group exhibition of participant artists contributing to art project
  • October 2003 ABSA Towers, ABSA Bank, Johannesburg – Curated the National Puppetry Exhibition
  • November 2003 Association of Arts, Pretoria – Femina 2003 – an exhibition of work by woman artists curated by Prof. Margaret Gradwell – Slabbert
  • November 2004 Association of Arts Pretoria – Christmas exhibition – group exhibition – painting in mixed media
  • August 2005 Gallery 26A – Exhibition; Landscapes mixed media
  • April 2006 Association of Arts, Pretoria – Board Selection – Commemorative Rembrandt. Group exhibition. Mixed media on paper.
  • 1-30 August 2007 Reach for a Dream - National Cultural History Museum, Pretoria. Group exhibition. Mixed media on paper.
  • 15April-9May 2008 4x4 Terugblik, Group: Annelize Bowker, Phillip Badenhorst, and Nola Strauss. North West University, Potchefstroom. Mixed and multi media on paper and canvas.
  • 12-21May 2008 University of Pretoria. Centenary exhibition of the Department of Visual Arts: ’Visuality / Commentary and X-ings: Shaping culture through design’
  • 17-21 June 2008 Art Alive 2008. Waterkloof House Preparatory School. Group exhibition.

Overseas Visits

  • October 1994 London – Training of Theatre Technicians – British Council
  • November 1995 Israel – Palestine, Egypt – Fifth International Palestinian Puppet Festival
  • July 1999 London – Paris: Costume and Theatre Tour
  • February 2001 Budapest: On invitation of the Hungarian Embassy: Budapest University of Arts and Culture and Budapest Puppet Theatre – to discuss exchange possibilities
  • May 2004 Grant to visit Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. Signed an exchange agreement with the Theatre Department – to exchange lecturers and students

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