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Conversations (2000)

Shown at Wordfest at the Standard Bank Festival of the Arts, Grahamstown 2000 and the Biennale Internazionale Dell'arte Contemporanea, Florence - 7 to 16 December 2001 (Lorenzo il Magnifico Award 4th place digital art section)

80 A4 folios, The Red Poems, and a piano recording with the poem Allegro con brio.


The originals folios were written conversations held during the last two days of my mother's life. She was in hospital, in intensive care. She had been living off a ventilator for 39 days. She could neither speak nor hear hence the dependency on the written word. The conversations are loaded with the knowledge of her impending death. Their ordinariness covers the gentle deceit about her imminent passing. The ventilator was switched off at 18h40 11 July 1995. The red poems were written shortly before and after her death. Allegro con brio was written and recorded with my piano playing in 2000. (Wilma Cruise 2000).

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