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The Dolly Suite (2003 – 2005)

Install sheep in paddock, 3 mono types (Woman with dog) and 1 x sculpture (Woman with sheep 014 and 2 x digital prints. Does a sheep know and If I’m not . Some images from Sheep, dogs…

The Dolly Suite is concerned with the notion of cloning, reproduction and reproducibility. I asked a fundamental question: Does a sheep have any rights in its genetic manipulation? And even if it does not, the question needs to be asked does it even know?

These questions are explored in a number of works which include the commission, Sheep May Safely Graze: the Return of the Bultfontein Sheep (2003 – 04), a series of plates, drawings, an installation incorporating a sound track as well as a series of monotypes made in conjunction with David Krut Arts Resource. In a sculpture entitled Woman with Sheep (2004 – 05) the question of the rights of animals is carried like a burden on the figure’s shoulders or as a shepherd would carry a lamb. (Wilma Cruise 2005).

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