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Continuous Projection (1997) | African Window Museum Pretoria

The central work on the show, Continuous Projection, is a series of projected images of sculptures and drawings. Projected onto a dark wall the images form a counter point to the actual works, which are viewed through two arches that span the screen. The sculptures, text and drawings are embodiments, indeed projections of an autobiographical nature. Themes of death and violence (the exhibition includes two life-size figures in ceramics from the cycle, Nicholas - October 1990,) as well as topics of shifting identity through the process of ageing are dealt with in the sculptures, text and drawings. In these works the personal aspects of South African experience have been universalised; the particular has become the political. During 1997 I was represented at the Sixth Havana Biennale, Cuba and was resident at European contemporary art in the point of intersection between contemporary cultures and nations in Ryn, Poland. New work arising out of these international experiences also gets its first exposure. Text is written onto the walls, which become like enlarged pages from notebooks. Extracts of poems and observations of an ontological nature form a sub-text to the sculptures. Drawings span the two texts forming their own counter-point. It is as if the same mirror has been tilted to catch variations in the refraction of a reality. (Wilma Cruise 1997).

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