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What will come (has already come) 2007

Installation of animated film with steel table and cylindrical steel mirror, 8 min 40 sec

Through a series of new drawings, prints, and stereoscopic images that form the basis of What Will Come, Kentridge continues to explore the medium of sight, reflecting his continued concern with optics and the construction of seeing. At the core of the exhibition is an eight minute anamorphic film, entitled What will come.

The filmic anamorphosis, of images drawn and animated by Kentridge, assumes its proper form only when reflected in a mirrored cylinder positioned at the projection’s centre. This film draws on the idea of the picture puzzle that originated in the sixteenth century. Kentridge translates this play, operating distorted images that can only be deciphered from a certain angle in his film. The technique of cylindrical mirror anamorphosis Kentridge employs dictates that it is not enough to change one’s point of view but a cylindrical mirror is essential to decode the picture, with a certain radius that reflects the distorted image, causing it to ‘straighten’ optically.

In addition to this work which deconstructs the mechanics of seeing, the works under the title What will Come… include 40 to 50 graphics from 2006. These relate to the opera The Magic Flute, the mini-theatre installation Black Box, the film What Will Come, and to Shostakovich’s opera The Nose.

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