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A combined school specialising in Arts, Drama, Music & Ballet. Offering Grades 1 - 12.

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Offering specialised education to pupils from the more remote parts of the rural areas of South Africa, students are prepared for various careers in the arts, ranging from visual arts and design to the performing arts and their associated technological fields.

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The School of Music, Art and Design offers a comprehensive range of programmes, from introductory level certificate courses to doctoral studies specialising in Music, Art & Design, Introductory Studies, Studio Arts and Applied Design.

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The Department of Fine Art provides comprehensive tuition in studio practice as well as theoretical and historical aspects of the visual arts. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA), Bachelor of Arts with Studio Practice (BA), Diploma in Fine Art (DFA) as well as Postgraduate opportunities.

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The Fine Arts Department at the University of Fort Hare offers diploma, degree and masters level programmes in Fine Art.

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