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Artist:  Ilandi Barkhuizen
Title:  Make the circle bigger vii (Ndebele)
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Size:  120 x 80cm
Price on Request


  • Known for intricate beadwork and colourful homes in geometric designs.
  • Main element to the women's attire is an apron.
  • Girls wear small, beaded aprons and older girls wear isiphephetu, a beaded apron given by their mothers.
  • Isigolwani, thick beaded hoops worn around their necks, arms, legs and waist.
  • Married women wear longer aprons made of hardened skin and decorated with geometric designs.
  • They also wear isigolwani, and copper rings around their neck, arms and ankles called idzilla.
  • Unmarried girls do not cover their breasts and married women cover their upper bodies with multi-coloured striped blankets.
  • Men wear animal skin aprons and beaded breast plates or iporiyana which hangs from the neck.
  • Iporiyana: symbols of manhood gifted by their father after going through initiation.


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