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Artist:  Ilandi Barkhuizen
Title:  Make the circle bigger i (Sesotho)
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Size:  100 x 80cm
Price on Request


  • Within this culture's attire the blanket is one of the main items worn.
  • It is seen a as status symbol, as well as cultural identification.
  • There are different blankets for different life stages and ceremonies.
  • The moholobela is a fertility blanket worn by young Sotho men in preparation of their transition to manhood.
  • The young men in Lesotho will don a different blanket known as the lekhokolo, which confirms that they have reached adulthood.
  • A sotho bride would wear a motlotlehi wedding blanket on her wedding day
  • Husbands traditionally gift their wife a serope blanket when their first child is born.
  • Seana Marena means the chief's blanket and is exclusively worn by the king and his chiefs and it has the highest status of all Basotho blankets.

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