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A.M. (After Midnight): A Prelude

First installment in a three-part solo exhibition

As a starting point to this extensive new body of work, De Jager explores the transient qualities of time, space and memory. Imagery and music are juxtaposed in this interactive video installation combined with paintings to capture the elusive quality of time.

On entering the darkened space, one is confronted by the text visual 'Sit.' projected onto a grid of panels, prompting one to sit down on the seat placed opposite the projected installation.

As one takes one's seat, the video starts to play and the panels, with details of interior and exterior scenes, come to life through the staggered choreography of an illuminating projector and video footage of light shimmering through leaves and branches. The blocks of light projected over the panels appear at first to be light boxes, flashing one by one, but when examined more closely, actually reveal themselves to be framed oil paintings. The “cadence” of their appearance - slowly, then quickly, then slowly again - follows the rhythm of a delicate piano piece composed in collaboration with Marelize Koch. An emotive mood is set as the video projection focuses first on single works and then flashes over a number of works as the music becomes more dramatic.

After three minutes, all the works are lit up, giving the viewer the opportunity to view the paintings up close and in detail.

The presentation was made possible through the collaboration with Marelize Koch on the soundtrack, Carly Whitaker on the interactive component, Thomas Pretorius in the editing process as well as videography and the support of the ROOM team.

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