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A.M. (After Midnight)

Final showcase of a three part debut solo exhibition

A.M. (After Midnight) is the final exhibition in a three-part debut solo project for De Jager. This ongoing exhibition consisted of A Prelude, exhibited at Room Gallery & Projects in June 2014, An Interlude, exhibited at the Turbine Art Fair 2014 and A.M. (After Midnight) hosted by Lizamore & Associates gallery in February 2015.

This three-fold project explores the transformative power inherent in the constant, shifting presence of cast shadows and filtered light. Across this evolving body of work, the recording and capturing of light acts as a register of moments of silence, movement, flux, transition and metamorphosis.

As the works develop over time and across location, images might trigger recollections of the experiences, images and spaces gone before. In this way, De Jager’s artworks, like the traces of light from which they evolve, become fragments of a greater whole – chance encounters that either resonate and linger, or are seen and forgotten.

Taking her cue from the Oxford Dictionary definition of ‘A.M.’ meaning ‘between midnight and midday’, shadows become a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of reality, a world both present and absent, simultaneously formed and diffused by the play of light in the hours extending across night and day. A.M. (After Midnight) draws together the contrapuntal cords of the two previous exhibitions.

"...I began to perceive light and shadows as an integral and unnoticed part of the passing of time, which hardly filters into our fragmented everyday consciousness. I started to vigilantly observe the shadows on my bedroom walls as I fell asleep at night and the shadows of the morning light when I awoke. The reflection of light through windows and trees has always been a kind of gateway of wonder for me. Once I became aware of the changing yet persistent occurrence of shadows, I came to see this diffused and filtered world as an echo of the thoughts, emotions and movements that run beneath the surface of our lives."

Featuring an installation of paintings, and video projections interacting with each other, this multi-media exhibition draws on the conceptual narratives brought to light by the project as a whole. The artist explains: “By means of a process through which filtered light is captured and translated into paint as it moves across the blank canvas. The painted image becomes a ‘trace of the real’, refigured and retraced, the site of a process of transformation, of working through trauma.”

Tensions between form and formlessness, consciousness and sub-consciousness are played out on the painted surface. These pieces are at once abstract and recognisable, photographic and painterly.

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