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Barren I - IX (series)

The act of seeing has become increasingly compromised in an image-saturated world, in a world technologically mediated - seen and experienced through screens rather than through the physical experience of 'looking'.

Here, the artist works three dimensionally to create layers that refocus the viewer's eye and attention and arrest the flow of time, however briefly.

Referencing the evanescent properties of light and shadow, both physically and metaphorically, the work stems from a time of personal trauma, which triggered an acute awareness of the mysterious world of shadow and light. Shadows embody moments of silence, movement, flux and change. As such, they act as points of access to what is ever present yet indefinable below the surface.

The shadow in the artwork casts its own shadow onto the painted surface below. Superficial seeing becomes intentional looking as the viewer becomes present with the artwork and completes the circle of its manifestation.

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