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I suppose my first influence and interest in drawing characters started at about the age of ten with Hergés Tin Tin. His illustrated adventures have always fascinated me. I collected and read all of his comic books. I enjoyed them so much that soon I was copying his style of drawing. I invented my own stories and illustrated them too, "a la Hergé". I used a black pen and colour pencils. Instead of studying during study sessions I drew little "mannetjies". All this happened in around 1967 in a hostel at the White River Primary School.

The enjoyment of drawing and creating characters followed me into high school. I designed all the covers for "Our Best" the school magazine and made lots of drawings for my buddies. It was then that friends suggested I study art. I had no clue what I was in for. With great trepidation I applied and was accepted in 1974 to study at the Pretoria College of Education (Technicon). My main area was Graphic Gesign but my best subject was illustration.

After graduating with a diploma in Graphic Design I joined the army for a period of two years. During this time I had many opportunities to draw (war posters) and illustrate (propaganda stories). In 1979 after my army service I joined an advertising company in Johannesburg as a junior designer. I worked under the wing of Antero Machado one of the company directors, who was both designer, illustrator and muralist (highly figurative work). From 1980 onwards I worked in a variety of design studios where I was able to sharpen my cartooning and illustration skills by doing work for a variety of clients (magazines) in the disciplines mentioned above. I was now doing what I enjoyed best.

The decision to put my work on canvas instead of paper was a natural progression. This kicked off my painting career in the "finer" arts (around 1984). I worked full time and managed to find time to take part in group exhibitions in all sorts types of galleries.

My work has a definite graphic flavour as a result of my design background. I use layout/composition for dramatic effect and also in some cases to accentuate my idea. I work according to themes that afford me the possibility of maximum entertainment. The topics can be absolutely anything under the sun. From the dog next door to the gangster over the road. The idea is to take any mundane subject matter and always try to give it a little twist. Many artists like Basquiat, Cienfuegos and Ralph Steadman among others have influenced my work. I must have fun when working, if that fun element is not there…what’s the point?

Selected Exhibitions

  • 1984 Took part in the 1st Group exhibition of TAM (Tertulia de Artistas Mocambicanos) in Johannesburg.
  • 1984 Took part in the 2nd Group exhibition of TAM in Pretoria.
  • 1985 Took part in the 3rd Group exhibition of TAM in Pretoria.
  • 1987 I was part of the group that exhibited "Portuguese Art in South Africa". Leephy Studios staged the exhibition to coincide with Portuguese National Day.
  • 2003 Exhibited at Wits University. A group of Mozambican writers were invited to Wits as part of an event commemorating Portugal and its overseas colonies. I was asked to exhibit some of my work at this event.
  • 2005 A two -man exhibition at Tina Skukan gallery.
  • 2005 A Group exhibition of Portuguese artists at the Sandton Square Civic Centre.
  • 2006 A Group exhibition in July at the Stewart Gallery in Parkhurst.
  • 2006 A Group exhibition in October at the Stewart Gallery in Parkhurst.
  • 2007 A Group exhibition in April at the Stewart Gallery in Parkhurst.
  • 2008 A two man exhibition at Tina Skukan Gallery.
  • 2009 A solo exhibition at the Alliance Francaise in Pretoria.
  • 2010 Group exhibition at the Ditsong Cultural Museum.
  • 2011 Solo exhibition at Brooklyn Theatre in Pretoria.
  • 2012 Solo exhibition at Brooklyn Theatre Pretoria.
  • 2016 Solo Exhibition at the White River Gallery.
  • 2017 Solo Exhibition at Chris Tugwell Gallery Pretoria.
  • 2018 Solo Exhibition at Longstreet Art Lovers 1932 Pretoria.

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