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Art Quiz

South African Art Quiz

Q1: Which artist was nicknamed the King of Kitsch?

Q2: In 1991, who was commissioned to create the first African Art Car of a BMW 525i with typical motifs of the Ndembele tribe?

Q3: In which year did JH Pierneef hold his first solo exhibition?

Q4: Whose work often features rough-edged comical and nightmarish forms, rendered in brash cartoon colours?

Q5: Which artist often uses his self-portrait in many of his works such as Felix in Exile?

Top South African Art Players

1. Retha - 4140 points

2. Retha SC - 2100 points

3. Ilse Fourie - 2000 points

4. Ingrid Vorwerk Marren - 540 points

5. Hester HL Maritz - 420 points

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