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Spaces 2005 | Association of Art Pretoria

In our art, the South African landscape is indeed an almost primordial theme. Over more than two centuries, many artists in their works painted and depicted our landscapes. In fact, landscape painting can also be found in our pre-historic art. The result is that one may well speak of a South African tradition of landscape painting. Although comprising many different styles, it can generally be said that this tradition is by and large romantic, often reflecting an idealized vision and a nostalgia for rural peace and tranquility.

Without being totally iconoclastic, the young artist, Pieter Binsbergen, with his forceful style and original expressions, breaks with existing traditions. Although his works also capture the harshness, the faraway horizons and splendours of our open spaces, they convey much more. His art is complex without being willfully difficult. On the one side, he comments on the existing culture of landscape painting with understanding and a measure of sympathy, whilst on the other side, he brings his own, innovative exploit of those celestial and subterraneous elements and forces of nature, which one can sense without being able to see them with the conscious eye.

The effect is that by looking at Binsbergen's landscapes, one gains the impression of a complete visual as well as an emotional experience. Pieter Binsbergen's works are clear evidence of the fact that he is beyond doubt one of our most noteworthy young landscape artists.

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