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Miniatures 2003 | Association of Art Pretoria

Small is beautiful : An exploration of the essence of things

For his forthcoming exhibition, the always questful and creatively restless artist Pieter Binsbergen, did something quite remarkable. He took sixty tiles and painted them with various images and visions of his own. What he splendidly achieves, is to prove the old truth that great visual art does not necessarily have to be presented in paintings of vast dimensions. Often, large themes as well as deep and grand emotions can also be depicted in small paintings. At times, a small painting conveys an intimacy and sensitivity which could be lost or left unnoticed in a painting of larger scale. With his small art works, Binsbergen confirms that small can be beautiful. What is more, the modest dimensions of his works, compelled him to discover the essence of his painted objects.

In his new series of art works, the artist remains true to his original quest. He searches in his objects, visions and landscapes the essence of an African culture. All his works retain the intensity and feelings of his previous work. His paintings, although beautifully painted and visually most attractive, never become merely pretty pictures. They are a passionate display of the artist's deeply felt affinity for everything which belongs to us here in Africa, and at times, also a concern that it may become lost through our own violence and greed.

Pieter Binsbergen, in his new paintings, explores the essence of things. What he achieves is something even more important since it goes to the essence of all good visual art. It leaves the onlooker with a sense of wonder.

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