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Glass Art

Title: Autism
Dimensions: 390mm x 440mm
Medium: Water glass, white baroque glass, wispy aqua/purple/white glass & vinyl
Year: 2015

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder also known as autism spectrum disorder or ASD. It is by far the most complex disorder and is a wide spectrum disorder. In other words no two people will have the same symptoms within autism. The spectrum ranges from individuals having severe impairments to high functioning individuals.

It is characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and restricted and repetitive behaviour. This repetitive nature is depicted in my artwork as an image of a young girl I photographed and duplicated four times with four different tones.

Autistic people are socially disconnected and make little eye-contact. The white baroque glass forms a barrier between the viewer and the image of the young girl in the artwork, emphasizing the notion of being disconnected from society.

I made use of water glass, which changes the image depending on which angle you look at it. By making use of this medium, I am commenting on the very nature of an autistic person. They struggle to adapt to the ever-changing world. The fact that I placed the glass well away from the image is a metaphor to show how distant they are from reality.

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