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The equation of variables with Loeritha Saayman Article Image

The equation of variables with Loeritha Saayman

Posted on 5 November 2015

Flowing Ground and Other Variables explores Loeritha Saayman's exploration of the ever changing environment that comes with the seasons and age as well as the change in the social and economic climate. She portrays mundane objects and daily rituals in mixed media landscapes, portraits and still lifes. We asked Loeritha about her latest exhibition and the symbols and metaphors she uses in her works.

[ART.CO.ZA]: Tell us about your exhibition.

[LOERITHA SAAYMAN]: The works on exhibition are the result of exploring of my ever changing environment that comes with the seasons, the slow degeneration that comes with time and age, and the way that all of these are influenced by one's personal circumstances, namely, the variables. The works can be seen as the equation of variables and its effect on the constant, the earth/our environment, protected by the ground covers, i.e. humans, animals and plants. My canvas becomes the vehicle of the constant, and reflects all the variables in the flowing paint. The interconnectivity between earth and its ground-cover, and how these are affected by nature's life cycle, is the theme that is portrayed in most of the works.

Lazy Jane
Powder coated mild steel on rock

[A]: Symbols and metaphors often feature in your works. Tell us about the symbols you used in Flowing Ground and Other Variables.

[L]: I use the elements of earth, wind, water and fire as the foundation or background in my works and combine them it with mundane objects and daily rituals in landscapes, portraits and still life scenes. These objects and portraits that are significant to me are the metaphors for my building blocks, for example; my mother, my grandma and some of their personal belongings. The contrast between the abstract background, flowing paint and open white spaces versus the more naturalistic still life objects and portraits, enhances the notion of the instability in question. The pots are metaphors for ever-changing fashion, certain eras in history and cultural differences, while the dog represents loyalty.

Le Lisebet
Mixed media on board (300 x 360mm)

[A]: You work in various media including traditional oil painting, drawing and steel sculpture. Which do you enjoy most?

[L]: I enjoy any creative process, regardless the medium. Painting and drawing is what I am more comfortable with, while sculpture is more challenging as this involves processes like plasma cutting and powder coating which is not controllable like the simple brush-in-hand method.

View the exhibition [here].

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