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The Artist's Prism at Eclectica Modern Gallery Article Image

The Artist's Prism at Eclectica Modern Gallery

Posted on 6 November 2015

The numerous aspects of our experiences compares to the colours that are refracted by a prism

- Dooyeweerd

By selecting an object or idea that is refracted through the psyche of the artist, something other transpires. Four very different artists interpret this in their own unique way. The Artist's Prism at Eclectica Modern Gallery in Cape Town features works exploring this theme by Anthony Cawood, Jeremy Dyer, Paul Birchall and Wonder Marthinus and runs from 21 October - 21 November 2015.

Wonder Marthinus, High Places

Jeremy Dyer terms his technique 'integrative collage', whereby he integrates images from Art History, such as Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man depicted as "Modern Man", who straddles the physical and historical planet, at the apex of technology, poised for what the future brings. The myriad detailed cut outs creating layers of immense detail.

Wonder Marthinus transcribes his extraordinary explorations of his life experiences, having moved from living in the Township, to Table Mountain, to Germany. With sensitivity, he intuitively translates his abstracted landscapes onto canvas with nuanced shapes and soft colours, subtle forms and feelings.

Paul Birchall, High Tea with Irma Stern | Anthony Cawood, Divergence

Paul Birchall paints his silver 'Teapot' in various surroundings, reshaping ordinary worlds through its distorted reflections. With his great attention to detail, the viewer catches glimpses of all sides of a room simultaneously.

Anthony Cawood paints figures with an intimacy and honesty, exposing them without the dressings and contexts that can define man. He masterly pushes and pulls the painted surface; his skill at mark making and use of colour evokes raw emotion and mood.

When we paint, a piece of us is left on the canvas.

Each stroke, is a fraction of our soul refracted like light

Through a prism.

We are harvesters of light that is immortalized through our feelings.

Paint in itself is just pigment. Paint in our hands is every emotion ever felt by man.

Paint brushes are magic wands that allow humanity to dream beyond belief.

Frank Malaba's poem for The Artist's Prism exhibition.

Visit www.eclecticamodern.co.za for more information.

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