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New detailed ink drawings by Lebo Tladi explore fantastical nature scenes

Posted on 20 September 2018

South African artist Lebo Tladi uses pen and ink to express his bizarre thoughts by creating unique drawings featuring imagined worlds. The works feature clean lines of crashing waves, bold detailed trees, flowing flowers and rich mind-bending details that leaves the viewer intrigued.

Tladi was born in July 1994 in the tranquil and serene Limpopo province which influenced his love for nature and its elements. He is also intrigued by African and Eastern culture which feature prominently in his work. He holds a BA degree in graphic design from the The Design School of Southern Africa and his work is already featured in South African contemporary art collections, as well as in the international art market in the USA, Taiwan, and England.

He attributes his love for drawing with his obsession with mastering line work strongly influenced by graffiti. This has resulted in him producing detailed hand-drawn artworks that pulls the viewer in and leaves them pondering. "I am really pushing myself to create compelling artworks via drawing which can blow people away ? especially because they're mostly black and white," says Tladi.

Using the permanent medium of ink, it forces Tladi to be more creative and make something new from mistakes and the work evolves as he creates them. "It's a brutally unforgiving medium which I always argue, is tough to master if your goal is to consistently create compelling and highly detailed artworks," he says.

For more on Lebo Tladi, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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