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Magda Joubert makes a return to South Africa Article Image

Magda Joubert makes a return to South Africa

Posted on 29 August 2012

Fine artist, Madga Joubert exhibited new works at the Association of Arts Pretoria on Friday 24 August 2012 supported by her family and friends. After an over a 5 year absence since she relocated to Australia, the exhibition of new works are inspired by a visit to active volcanoes in Java, Indonesia. It was opened by Franci Cronje, a close friend of Joubert, reminisced about their student days and their label as "die ouetehuis". She was born in Pretoria and her career includes teaching art, freelance journalism, and public relations at the Department of Water Affairs. She completed her postgraduate studies in Australia and has exhibited twice at various exhibitions. Joubert currently works at an international college in Australia. Cronje described Joubert as talented, tenacious and passionate.

Acrylic on board (80 x 100)

Joubert's interest in detail and removing of clutter exposes the richly expressive paintings to its minimum, extracting it to its core absolute. Pieter van Heerden, director of the Arts Association Pretoria, described the works as an explosion of nature similar to one of the world's most dangerous and active Volcano s she witnessed, Mt Merapi where she depicts the character of our time in the exploration of the absolute.

Her works reflect an abstract look at landscapes with intricate details carved into the wet paint, a mixture of oil and wax known as encaustic, creating interesting, rich, tactile surface patterns. Her work process involves a personal struggle with material and thoughts reflecting a flux of excavation similar to archaeology, adding and subtracting. The works entice the viewer to become active in finding personal meanings in the various range of colours at a distance but when viewed closer, a new impression or meaning can be found. "It becomes whatever you want it to be," Cronje stated.

Joubert returns to Australia in three weeks and plans to expand her market into printmaking on textiles. The exhibition runs until 8 September. The artist hosts a walkabout on 1 September.

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