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Call for Artists: HIR-Self Embodied exhibition

Posted on 27 July 2020

Contemporary artists are invited to submit work for consideration and inclusion in the upcoming exhibition: 'HIR-Self Embodied' exploring womxn, 'self' and authentic representation of our bodies, voices, image and experiences through art and in the media.

Madlozi Art invites artists, filmmakers, photographers and performance artists to interpret these themes, joining us in using art as a platform in defiance of patriarchy's reach and need for control.

We're interested in original work interpreting womxn across cultural contexts breaking away from rigid, traditional gender roles we loathe but were locked into historically.

Q: What are YOUR pronouns? And what is being a womxn and female-identifying in the contemporary - a free and embodied womxn at that?

Artists can submit work across disciplines diversely exploring being female-identified and the embodiment of choice that captures womxn's gender and sexual identities on their own terms - queer, straight, gender-non-confirming, intersex, inter-generational, and beyond binaries across the gender spectrum.

Artists can propose up to three works with a motivation and artists biography.

Please send submissions to: before 9 August 2020.

This project strives to depict real womxn confronting intersectional life struggles as visible, present and resilient, with voice and agency to confront gender discrimination - each in (hir) own right.

Works should support how womxn want to be seen, heard and represented through their submission of imaginative, honest and compelling artworks, films, photography, painting, prints and sculpture with that capture womxn's voices, spirit and lived experiences to depict them as the vital, indivuated, and diversely fabulous beings they are!

Featured artwork by the Eric Jones.

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