Natasja De Wet Running towards yourself 2013 | | Art in South Africa
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Running towards yourself | Solo Exhibition at Casa Labia Cape town - March 2013

Artist Statement

Humans are in a constant, often unconscious, state of flux between the feminine and masculine sides of their being. Balancing this inherent duality is an emotional challenge that forms part of a psychological journey towards inner peace. The relationship one has with oneself - the Self - is central in this process, as is a commitment to continuously live with a recognition of the realness and significance of the inner life.

Running Towards Yourself explores this internal dialogue involving matters of the soul. This series of portraits explores harmony and repulsion between the feminine and masculine Self and is intended to encourage reflection on the inner life. The body of work is comprised of both posed and process-based portraits, the juxtaposition of which evokes questions of authenticity versus masking of the Self.

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