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Cell: 082 875 4943

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I have weathered with age, and it is a good thing. Yet the sense of wonder at creating art has stayed with me, and over the years have grown into something down to earth, but filled with Heaven.

The longing to create something worthy, and meaningful, has become more over the years.

Worthy as in hopeful, full of Light that can disperse the darkness. Less of myself, and more of His goodness.

For what the whole world needs now is Hope rising, and for that you have to walk away from your focus on yourself, and know that there is something far greater to live for, to create for.

For me, that is an ongoing journey that I am grateful to be able to walk out.

I keep walking. I keep painting. I keep creating.

It is in the keeping on, that something wonderful happens.

Heaven coming down to earth and walking amongst us.

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