Marriana Booyens | | Art in South Africa
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Artist Photo

Photography: Naomi Steenkamp

Cell: 082 875 4943

Artist statement

Art for me is a journey that takes me closer to Christ, and therefore closer to what He originally planned for me to become. Art is a vehicle of expression, and as I look back to the last 20 years of work that I have produced, I see exactly where I was. I see the journey clearly, the pride in the beginning at my own handiwork…and after the fall, the knowing that I am nothing, and that all that I produce and have ever produced, is through grace…unending, unbounded grace that is an expression of God’s love for me. I will forever be at the mercy of that grace and love.

My work hopes to give the viewer glimpses of this by sharing honestly and openly a life lived and expressed through my art. All Glory to Christ Jesus through whom all things are made possible, and who has turned ashes into beauty.

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