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As far as I know there is nothing pedantic about my work - no messages, no doctrines or philosophies.

As an artist I see myself as an observer and not a philosopher. The subject matter of the work is important mainly as an accidental part of my observed reality that has to filter through me in order to turn into a work of art.

As far as my observations are concerned, there is, one hand, the world around me, that must be observed to turn into a work of art and on the other hand the much more important, interesting and intricate process of the creation of the work of art: the conversation between the medium and the subject matter, as well as the different objects depicted on the canvass. Even though I am in reality the creator of the work of art, the fact that I never dictate the outcome of the work, ultimately puts me in the role of an observer of a process that happens between myself and the artwork. I feel that viewers also find themselves in the role of observer and through the work find their own reality dictated by own life experiences.

As for the development of my work over the years, there is also a certain process that can be observed: Whereas in my earlier works I was fascinated by the intricate workings of everyday life around me, concentrating on every small detail, I have become bored and saturated by the plurality of things and started concentrating on the most simple forms of things, the roots of existence, which ultimately resulted in a confrontation with the nothingness underlying all existing things. While I believe that the process will, like previous processes in my work, get a life of it’s own and take on it’s own direction, I am, in the meantime, paradoxically fulfilled by simplicity. I find the freedom of observing what happens in paint more intoxicating than the possible exploration of the bizarre workings of my own mind. In the end, nothing is too simple to be of importance, even if the focus might usually be more on acceptance than celebration, as far as acceptance allows of an ordinary suburban life and the merciless beauty of our own loneliness is concerned.

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