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Tel: +2721 788 5818 | Cell : +2772 554 3958

Lyn Gilbert looks past the surface for a deeper meaning in her work. As a result, she has never been a realistic painter. Emotional and psychological and spiritual issues are frequent themes. Figures of people and animals are of symbolic value rather than their realistic value. However, the influence of rocks, plants, mud, sky, water and animals shows her love of the natural environment.

In the process of painting, an unconscious dialogue happens between the artist and the canvas. Inspired by intuition, ideas are worked and reworked before coalescing into a satisfying culmination. In her themes, there is a universality of emotions which creates a recognition in the viewer.

Landscape is absorbed by osmosis rather than working in the field, and is reflected in the paintings in an abstract form. Often there is also a lighthearted and whimsical quality to her work.

Lyn's use of colour ranges from near monochromatic to lush, exuberant and saturated. Texture is painted rather than applied. The painter often uses oils in transparent layers to achieve textures and depth of colour.

The majority of the work is oil on canvas with the occasional use of acrylics on paper.

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