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(Man)nerisms 2011

Solo Exhibition - Artspace Johannesburg 2011


1. a distinctive and individual gesture or trait; idiosyncrasy
2. a behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual


n pl -sies
1. a tendency, type of behaviour, mannerism, etc., of a specific person; quirk
2. the composite physical or psychological make-up of a specific person

Louis Oliviers’s art continuously explores the condition of man, our existence and the question of the after life and mortality. His most recent work continues to deal with the themes and concerns that he has been drawn to since his first solo exhibition Pale Male in 2009. He used the body in space and the language thereof as a metaphor for man's condition and position.

(Man)nerism is a continuation of the search, to find a vehicle to express truth, the truth about man, his surroundings ,his relation to fellow man, his body, his soul and spirit. He aims to remind and make aware of the space which we embodies, the mystery of life and the behaviours of humans. Man is the head. Our manners classifies us into a certain social group. Every man is unique with his own manner.

Olivier makes use of matter in sculptural form to express this manner. The outside appearance of man in conflict with the inside. In order for man to find salvation, he must change from the inside outwards

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