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Tussen Stasies 2019

Early in February 2019, I was privileged to spend a month at the Artist Residency: Arteles Creative Center in Finland. We were 14 artists in residence - actors, writers, sound & performance artists, a poet/clown, photographers, visual artists - from around the world.

My time spent in the beautiful snowy landscape and interacting with the other artists made I profound impact on me. More than a keen interest in one another’s professional practices, the lasting impression was a deep sense of humanity: Meals shared, sauna and singing together, laughter, vulnerability and howling at the moon.

Tussen Stasies / Between Stations, as the title suggests, stands in as an intermission / inbetween in my artistic endeavours. The works might seem like a departure from previous works (Shamanistic / ceremonial / ritualistic), yet there is still a feeling reminiscent of the performative and Theatre of the Absurd.

The series of paintings is characterised by a sense of humor, inside jokes and irony, with a dash of David Lynch (Twin Peaks / Mulholland Drive) hero-worshipping.

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