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Lance Friedlande: an artist of fragments and poetry

by Louisemarie Combrink

This article discusses a number of features associated with the art of Lance Friedlande, with reference to the strange sense of known and unknown in his work, which I relate to both the indebtedness of Friedlande’s work to like-minded artists, and to his imagery which he develops by means of a hightly wrought painterly method. As an example of Friedlande’s work I will refer to the paintings Like no day has been (2009) by Friedlander and, briefly, also to The CIA slang: Expression for assassination blamed by them (1955) by Hodgins.

Download pdf: Lance Friedlande: an artist of fragments and poetry

Awkward bedfellows

City Press - January 2012

Friedlande's paintings situate him in that space where surrealism morphs into abstract expressionism, employing highly charged iconography and intense application of pigment. The painter tastefully arranges his picture planes into broad fields or blocks of colour that contrast and complement each other in good tempo.

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