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Hosea Matlou: Towards Simplicity

by Mmutle Arthur Kgokong

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Visual Art Production like any other art form attains its full expression as a unique form of individualistic artistic expression now and then when a new talent emerges. It is a duty of those involved in its pursuit of visual art practice to unveil a new artistic language unique to their production in order that they are discernible from the multitudes of other artists. An artist achievement is unquestionable when, through hard work and prolonged search for individuality, arrive at a new artistic language to communicate ideas.

Hosea Matlou emerges from the tradition of master apprentice relationship in terms of his association with William Langa, an Atteridgeville based artist who is both conversant in the art of pastel painting as he is in traditional oil painting. Matlou’s choice of medium departs sharply from that of his master in that upon assessing the two artist – presently, one can’t help but notice the return to the basis of visual art – drawing and the acknowledgment of the drawing paper itself. Whereas the older artist, Langa, is settled in pastel and oil painting Matlou takes as a point of departure pencil drawing itself and reverts to the surface area through paper embossment and burning.

Download pdf: Hosea Matlou: Towards Simplicity Post High Def'21 Vol.1 2010

Talented Alumnus: To Showcase incomparable artwork

Hosea Matlou moved from Ga-Mokgopo near Polokwane to Pretoria in 2000 to pursue a qualification in finance and accounting at the Tshwane University of Technology. However, after being exposed to the visual arts through a community-based project,

He rethought his career path and ventured full time into the world of a practising artist from 2002. His first exhibition will open at the Centurion Art Gallery on Tuesday, 15 June.

In 2004, he and three fellow artists started a studio in a rented flat in the city centre. Here a cross-pollination of artistic approaches and techniques ensued and his painting technique was refined. But it was drawing that captivated him and through contact with an Atteridgeville-based artist, William Langa, Matlou discovered the art of pastel drawing, a medium which some venerate as painting.

The innovation inherent in his ink- and-flame embossing technique can be attributed to the lack of material he experienced and his search for an alternative medium of expression in the face of financial challenges.

The result was a return to the basics of free-hand drawing – strikingly comical but simultaneously serious when the artist reveals that his subject matter is closely tied with the cut-throat business world of capitalist pursuits.

This is signified by men in suits and carrying briefcases. The subject matter is offered against the brownish background of flame embossment.

The exhibition is a collaborative effort between the artist and the Centurion Art Gallery.

The Centurion Art Gallery is situated at the corner of Cantonments Road and Unie Avenue (next to the Lyttelton Library). The exhibition opens on 15 June at 18:30 and runs until 1 July.

Winning Commission: Brainstorm Artists Calendar 2010

Hosea Matlou received the winning commission for the 2010 Brainstorm Annual Artists Calendar. He produced a piece using pencil and flame, commissioned by VMWare. The second annual event launch was held at Kitchen Bar, at the Design Quarter in Fourways, for the second year.

In addition to the corporate sponsoship participating artists receive, each is entered into the annual Artists Competition, which sees the winning artist awarded with a R25 000 commisssion by the calendar's leading sponsor, HP.

Second place went to Marcus February, who produced a piece for HP ProCurve Networking in acrylic and hardware. While only two prizes were scheduled to be awarded, the judges elected to award a third, due to the enormously high quality of submissions received. Third place went to Angela Banks, who produced a piece in oil on canvas for HP Software + Solutions.

The selected artists create unique works for clients willing to sponsor a month in the calendar and support local upcoming talent. The chosen artists create an original work of art interpreting the sponsor company's vision and mission in an innovative way. It doesn’t matter whether its connectivity, integration, collaboration, the artist will endeavour to create a never before imagined version of the sponsors core theme, summing up its corporate heart. The artists are given the freedom to use the creative medium for their choice, be it paint, clay, glass, cloth etc.

Hosea Matlou

by Percy Mabandu
A Look Away, Issue 10, Quarter I 2008

Hosea Matlou’s surname translate to “elephant”. Elephants lend themselves to be commanding, large and loud. Only Hosea seems to be quite the opposite. He is very internalised, and has a somewhat apprehensive external life. Hosea has a very interesting and unconventional outlook on the world around him but not being a very vocal person, he’d rather draw it than talk about it. However our conversation alludes to the clarity of his dreams and his keen interest in carving a successful career as a contemporary artist.

Download pdf: Hosea Matlou: A Look Away, Issue 10, Quarter I 2008: 26 - 27

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