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Nomad Bodies 2014 | Fried Contemporary Gallery Pretoria

Mixed, Mozambique 2014 | Oil on canvas (56 x 71cm)

Yes, Kenya 2014 | Oil on canvas (56 x 71cm)

Yes, Kenya and Mixed, Mozambique are artistic responses to the artist’s physical and virtual travel experiences of these two African countries. We South Africans are simultaneously disconnected and deeply connected to the African continent.

Most of our perceptions are based on news stories (which recently have been particularly disconcerting), digital media and others’ accounts.

Yes, Kenya is based on the Kenyan cooking show, “Tales from the bush larder” by Kiran Jethwa, a Kenyan rugby player and chef, from English and Indian decent, endeavouring to inspire a richer Kenyan cuisine.

The subtitling is open-ended as we tend to create our own meanings from the glimpses of information, sometimes roughly translated, we receive from various sources.

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