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The Erratic Likeness of the Sculptor 2013

The sculptor takes photos of his subject from all possible angles, to ensure an accurate three dimensional likeness in his/her sculpture. A painter generally tries to capture the subject’s likeness from one viewpoint, which can be deceptive. This animated artwork defrosts the inanimate painted subject and captures the three-dimensionality, movement and physicality of the painted subject. The viewer is invited to circle the character, made of oil paint, invade his personal space, as one would a ballerina in a music-box upon opening.

This collection of works, explore the technical and conceptual relationships and similarities between painting and sculpture (or two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality) and the translation of one into the other. In The Erratic likeness of the sculptor, the three dimensional subject, is represented in 72 two dimensional paintings, which, in the animated video, illusively become three dimensional again as all facets of the subject become visible.

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