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Site Specific Artist's Residency 2012 | Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

During Gordon Froud's one-month stay at Ebenezer Estate, he produced a life-size Toyota Corolla made of 3 500 multi-coloured plastic coat hangers and held together by 5 000 cable ties; a huge Wattle Sphere based on a Leonardo da Vinci design and emphasising the impact of ever-present invasive species; and a 1,8 metre-high, pine and jacaranda wood Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

With the assistance of Honest Ngwenya, the works traveled around Plettenberg Bay during peak tourism season between December 2012 and January 2013.“The people really enjoyed the works, took time to engage with them, wrote about them, asked questions, had their photos taken with the Hanger Artcar or Wattle Sphere and hooted encouragement whenever the works were moved on the back of the truck. I feel that Plett took ownership of these works and this bodes really well for the residency and Site_Specific event later this year and in the future,” says Froud.

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