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Playoff - Travelling Exhibition | Gordon Froud and Lance Friedlande

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Playoff is an extensive travelling exhibition of about 140 works that explore the human condition featuring sculptures and etchings by Gordon Froud and paintings by Lance Friedlande.

Gordon Froud’s artworks comprise four bodies of interrelated sculptures that use the repetition of forms and objects in various configurations to construct meaning around the human condition, particularly with regard to DNA, babies, genetics, bacteria, viruses and self-portraits. He has included a small photographic and etching series too.

Playoff calibrates the individuality of the creative process, highlighting similarities and differences between the activities practiced by both artists to produce their work. Both artists use creativity to resolve self-generated problems, use words to stimulate content, and set up a dialogue between themselves and their work which influences the final product. They also share a playful approach to their art which springs from the inherent joy they source from the creative process. In spite of these and other process similarities, the works of the two artists remain very different and offer a duality or "play-off" against each other.

This exhibition travelled to North West University (NWU), Potchefstroom, Oliewenhuis Museum in Bloemfontein, artSpace Durban and the Pretoria Art Museum from May 2010 - December 2011.

Pretoria Art Museum - December 2011

University of North West Potchefstroom - May 2010

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