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Elvis Aaron Presley has certainly left his mark on the history of the world, as a remarkable singer, musician, actor, philanthropist and super – hero. Since his supposed death in 1977, he has in fact appeared to many people in visions and of course in reality – examples include the mysterious figure in the background photos of Lisa-Marie Presley and Michael Jackson’s wedding.

What few people actually realize is that Elvis is a multi-dimensional being that not only transcends space, but time as well. The images in this portfolio illustrate clearly that Elvis has been at many or even most of the important historical events in our history. Rumor has it that he even appeared at the base of the cross but of course it would be ridiculous or impossible to prove this due to the non existence of the camera then. I have painstakingly traced images from the 20th century where photographers have documented the presence of Elvis at moments of historical and social importance. Unless one is prepared to believe that the 'camera does in fact lie' you have to believe these images to be true. Bra Elvis is alive and yet has chosen to not make his presence totally evident to mere mortals. In this portfolio, we are offered glimpses of some of the places where Elvis has been seen or his presence felt.

Elvis has not only left his mark, but has also seemingly left the building – now I see him, now you don’t.

Elvis Veils Viles Levis Evils Lives

Gordon Froud

Historical analyst


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