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Design Indaba 2011

Design Indaba Cape Town International Convention Centre - 25 to 27 February 2011

The work of Gordon Froud, Guy du Toit (both former Absa L’Atelier Merit Award winners) and contemporary artist and poet Kai Lossgott (a finalist in Absa Atelier) exhibited at the Absa Art Gallery platform at the 2011 Design Indaba Expo.

Froud displayed new design ideas emphasising the use of multiples, constructing new forms and meanings. The central piece is a mobile made of silver-coloured metals constructed from household objects like kettles, plates, and sieves. Each arm of the mobile moves independently, assisted by the wind or by human intervention.

The piece is counterpointed by static silver found objects and metallic viruses, that attack and conquer host cells, multiplying as they go, reiterating the theme of multiple forms.

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