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Wood, Stone & Clay

1 February 2021

Today, enshrined in wood, stone, clay we can find the persistent memories of humankind through the millennia. Ancient artists working with these enduring materials have caused modern historians to ponder upon their significance. Their potency depends upon the skill of their maker’s ability to invest life in an inanimate medium. 
It is a traditional view In Africa that the ancestors speak through sculpted images. It is also not uncommon for a sculptor or ceramic artist who works intuitively with these media to feel that they are channelling a will to form that is subliminal, that is directing them to shape the wood, stone or clay and release the form enclosed within it.
Whether born in the human psyche or from divine intervention, sculptures and vessels shaped in wood, clay and stone have had the power to evoke universal recognition through the ages as their makers explore the many recurring archetypal forms of our existence. Often, stimulated by a sense of familiarity, we feel a need to reach out and touch these works of art and to share the experience of pleasure that was intrinsic in the maker’s aesthetic.  This can enable us to comprehend the artwork better.   
This exhibition explores the response of a modern and culturally diverse group of artists working with Wood, clay, and stone.


Boniface Chikwenhere, Albert Dasheka, Thami Kitty, Boyce Magandela, Nkululeko Isaac Makeleni, Shepard Mbanya, Christopher Langley, Nico Prins, Rosie Sturgis, Miriam Schwartz, Lawrence Mukomberanwa, Richard Mteki Snr, Richard Mteki Jnr, Nico Prins, Maureen Langley, and Maganiso Vissensio, Ardmore, Tania Babb, Anton Bosch, Barry Dibb, Rae Goosen, Lynette Morris – Hale, Jenny Chadwick, Laura Du Toit, Rika Herbst, Ali Nabavi, Theo Ntuntwana, Wiebke Von Bismarck, Andrew Walford, Tiffany Wallace, Cilla Williams, Patrick Holo, Tyrone Appollis, Jonathon Comerford, Derek Drake, Sandy Esau, David Hlongwane, Charles Maleka, Vuyisani Mgijima, Meshack Tembani, Mandla Vanyaza, and Timothy Zantsi


Address: 60 Church Street, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 423 5309
Gallery Hours: Mon - Fri: 09:30 to 17:00. Sat: 10:00 to 14:00.



Participating: Garth Meyer

Opening: Tuesday 9 March 2021 - 6 April 2021

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