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Three Solo Exhibitions

5 September 2020

99 Loop is pleased to present solo exhibitions by Oda Tungodden, Thebe Phetogo and Ulriche Jantjes. 
Mist Memories by Oda Tungodden
Dedicated to the power of storytelling, Oda Tungodden’s latest body of work is painted like the pages of a book. Each piece invites the viewer to share its world for a moment- a concoction of memories and expectations, fact and fiction. Here, the imaginary meets the real as canvases are transformed from expectant white shapes into paintings, allowing Tungodden to seek the infinite amount of possibilities inherent in each work- echoing that which every new day offers us. Cloaked in a dreamlike quality, familiar scenes in the paintings cast a shadow of doubt as Tungodden explores and expresses the mystery of living. 
Mist Memories is Tungodden's second solo exhibition at 99 Loop Gallery.
A Confluence, Unintended by Thebe Phetogo
The title of Botswanan artist Thebe Phetogo’s exhibition functions as a bit of an intentional misnomer. While the works of the exhibition are characteristic of the dual genres Phetogo employs – namely figuration and landscape, the initial divergence of these two separate streams or bodies of work is heightened by the conditions in which each of was created in.
Phetogo’s abstracted landscapes, for instance, were embarked on in isolation at a government quarantine facility with limited access to materials except what the artist had on his person upon his return to Botswana at the onset of the current public health crisis. Meditating less on recognizability and a physical place than a mental space through the simplified forms of systems of representation such as maps and graphs, these paintings aim to offer a site for contemplation and reimagining. This possibility for reimagining was heightened during the process of making and served as a buoy for the artist during isolation.
Similarily, Phetogo’s portraits were made after the first lockdown in Botswana was lifted and further expand on his interest in the function of the figurative in painting. In these works, symbols both real and invented interrupt the figure and imbue it with associations before the viewer can and ordinarily would. By eschewing natural colours in favour of the synthetic, both bodies of work betray awareness of their artifice and the artist’s thinking through painting of painting.
A Confluence, Unintended is Phetogo's debut exhibition at 99 Loop.
the mist before the sun by Ulriche Jantjes
the mist before the sun is an exhibition of oil paintings which engages with the precarious nature of the unknown. “the mist before the sun” also expressed as “soos mis voor die son”, is an expression describing something which has disappeared. It may also refer to a fleeting moment - the points of uncertainty before clarity.
This new body of work presents a series of reflections on times past and those to come. The paintings express the contrasts between light and dark, a play between the still of the night and the emergence of a new day.
the mist before the sun is Jantjes' debut solo exhibition at 99 Loop.

Participating: Oda Tungodden | Thebe Phetogo | Ulriche Jantjes


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Opening Times: Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 17:00. Saturday : 09:00 - 13:00.


The Reunion

Participating: Georgina Gratrix

Opening: Saturday 13 February 2021 - 31 May 2021

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